Jan 3, 2013

it all starts Sunday

EDIT - I just added a little poll to see what shows you are watching this January. (If you're viewing this page on mobile you can scroll to the bottom of your screen and choose "View Web Version" to see the poll.)

January is a big TV month! We only have a few shows we like to watch typically...and they all seem to be starting up this month! I'm very thankful for DVRs to make me feel a bit better about watching so many shows. At least with a DVR you can spend about 25% less time sitting in front of the TV if you skip all the commercials. Plus, if you don't get to a show for a few weeks, it's there waiting for you.

Let's watch together...shall we?

Sunday is the premier of The Biggest Loser season 14. A friend of mine from college (Michael Dorsey) is one of the contestants this year and I can't wait to watch him! You can click here to see a quick interview with him.
It's hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that there have been so many seasons of this show! When it first started I owned a weight loss company and NBC came to us asking if we would help advertise for them to cast candidates. Ummm...no! 

Sunday is also the premier of Downton Abbey season 3. I got sucked into this show on Netflix...so now I need to see what happens next. Anyone else watching it too?

January 16th a new season of American Idol will start. We always like to watch the auditions and then don't care much about it again until maybe the end (depending on who's left). I am kind of doubtful we'll be into the new judges this year...but at least we'll try to watch the first episodes.

January 17th is the start of a new season of Suits. We love this show and I have high hopes for this season. I feel like it will either make us fans forever...or they'll go in a weird direction and we'll stop watching. I'm hoping it's good.

January 22nd kicks off another season of White Collar which I really like. Michael started watching it on Netflix but hasn't caught up to the current season yet so I'm not sure if we'll watch it or not. We'll see.

Project Runway starts January 24th. It's one of our most favorite shows.

And then there are the shows still going on right now! Top Chef is still going (wouldn't it be SO fun to go on the Top Chef cruise??) and so is Project Runway All Stars.

Ugh....that's a LOT of TV!

What are you watching?


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