Jan 3, 2013


Isn't that a super fun word? Pouf?

It's also a fun little accent piece. As promised here, I want to give you the details about the pouf I made for my girls a few months ago.
I came across a tutorial for a pouf and thought it would be perfect in the girls' room. The tutorial is from Better Homes & Gardens online and you can download it here.

I got the canvas fabric at Hancock's (I think) and was surprised that Michael loved it! He actually wanted me to use this fabric in a couple other places as well. He liked it much better than some of the other fabrics I've chosen for things lately...like the fabric I chose to upholster this cushion I made for our basement bench.
The fabric colors go perfectly with the girls' curtains and they love sitting on it or jumping on it. It's actually filled with several different 'recycled' things. The bottom of the pouf is stuffed with a leftover rug pad that we didn't need. That keeps it heavy and the shape stays in tact on the bottom no matter how rough they are with the pouf.

The rest of the little pouf is stuffed with some old blankets, fabric scraps, and even a couple old teddy bears that were no longer played with. Then I filled in the open spaces with a bag of fiberfill. All the directions are the in the tutorial link above. They even suggest using old clothing to stuff it.

The tutorial shows you how to do a cute decorative stitch around the whole pouf to give it detail. I started doing the stitching and this canvas fabric is so thick that my hands went numb after stitching for a while and I gave up on that idea once the top octagon shape was stitched in place.

Let me know if you make a pouf too. I'd love to see it!


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