Jan 14, 2013

Put a hole in that wall

We just can't leave well enough alone!

We took our perfectly functional bathroom wall...and put a hole in it.

Here is what the bathroom wall in question looked like PRIOR to all the water damage... It used to be where the mirror and sink where. (and tiny baby Elliott circa Christmas 2006)
Then this bathroom was completely ruined by water and was gutted to look like this:
You'll notice in the picture above that half way up the wall was a space for a medicine cabinet. At the time we put the bathroom back together we did not use that area and just drywalled over it. For the past year it has looked something like this:

But we had a serious lack of storage in the bathroom and remembered the opening. So we cut a hole in the wall to find that spot once again. (why...oh why can't we do anything the first time and the easy way??)
The kids loved watching daddy punch a hole in the wall!
And here is the opening before half-finished. A very good place for storing tootbrushes! :)


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