Jan 25, 2013

the opposite of relaxing

While the hubs and I were gone last week in San Francisco and Hawaii, my wonderful (and very brave) mom watched all four kids!

Since we didn't have to worry about the kids:
We walked along the beach...
We ate amazing food while watching the sunsets...
We relaxed.

While she...
did not!

There's nothing relaxing about being around four small children! They are loud, whiny, needy...and fun, silly, and loving. I could come up with dozens of adjectives to describe them - but relaxing would not make the list!

Especially last week.

The first time we called to talk to the kids and see how everything was going we found out about an 'incident' involving Henry's head and my mom's front tooth. Guess who won? Sadly, part of my mom's tooth was knocked out! Her response was pretty amazing: "I've always wanted dentures. I guess I'll just go get a fake tooth!" I think she got it fixed this week.

Then, later in the week we called from Hawaii and found out about another incident. This time it involved Henry once again (why do all of the terrible things that happen in our house involve him??). Henry pushed Isa off the couch and fractured her collar bone. She is doing much better but sported a sling for a little while.
The kids LOVE spending time with grandma...so Mom, I hope we didn't scare you off last week! Thanks for watching the kids. Come back soon! We promise not to hurt you! :)


  1. I would do it all over again!!! In fact, if they will have me I'll do it again in the spring. Yay!!

    1. I'll just go ahead and book the spring getaway plane tickets right now so you don't change your mind! :)

  2. Oh my, poor, Isa! Every time I hear about little more's injuries, I keep wondering how in the world we've evaded that so far??? My boys are wreckless!


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