Jan 11, 2013

what she wore

Yesterday I posted about a fun gender surprise party Emma and I recently went to where we had to dress in pink or blue as a guess of what the baby would be.

We both wore pink...and were right! It's a girl!

Emma was wearing a new little shirt that I recently sewed for Isa. Yep...she stole her sister's shirt. I don't think Isa has even worn it once yet and Emerald has worn it several times. Guess I'll be making another one soon.

It was supposed to be a dress, but I didn't have quite enough fabric (it was a remnant of a super soft corduroy) so I made it into a shirt instead. I thought Isa would just wear a long sleeve shirt underneath it since it's sleeveless...but Emma put a cute little outfit together with leggings and a sweater over it. She looked adorable!

What a ham!


  1. She must get her good looks from her mother.

  2. She is beautiful and you are very talented.


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