Jan 16, 2013

Wrapping up the details

One last post about the hole in our bathroom wall with a few more details.

While Michael was working on the cutout for more storage, he also smoothed out the drywall that the contractors we hired had butchered. It was awful in this bathroom! Of course, one of the only projects in the whole house that we hired out (to save time) ended up costing more money and time to fix than it was worth!

Oh well - at least this mess made things look nicer in the end.
The Pottery Barn frame started out white and was in the 'scratch and dent' section because of a tiny little ding.
It was easily fixed and disappeared when we spray painted the whole frame oil rubbed bronze. Ahhh...that's better.
The picture in the frame was one I found on etsy and we asked my parents for it for Christmas. I didn't think they'd get it for us since it's a little odd...but they did! Here's the link to the shop where they got the print.
At Christmas I had a nice piece of calligraphy art from here in the frame. We'll change it up once in a while. Thankfully, the frame is fully functional even with the hinges and magnet contraption. It will be a fun new spot to try out new art!


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