Feb 5, 2013


Day 2 of 'sewing week' is all about pajamas.

I made pjs for the kids (and Michael) for Christmas. I planned to make some for me too, but ran out of time. Maybe next year.

Each of the kids had a different style. I sorta/kinda followed a pattern for some of them but mostly made them up as I went.

Here is Henry in his cute little pjs. It is really hard to find a pattern for footie pajamas (which he HAS to have because without them he crawls out of his crib)...but I finally found one and am pretty happy with how they turned out.
Here is the 'footie' part of the pjs. Who knew you could buy non-skid fabric in packages at most fabric stores?
Zipper front and ribbed collar/cuffs. This was my first time using ribbed fabric for something like this...like making a t-shirt. It's easier than I thought, almost like making wide bias tape.
I couldn't resist making him a little robe. He looks so cute in it and loves the pockets! He also, surprisingly, loves the hood. He doesn't like hoods on anything else, but on the robe, he does!
He likes to pull the hood down as far as he can get it. Silly guy.
I made a robe for Isa too. Purple, of course!
Isa wanted a nightgown for her pjs so I made this little dress that buttons in the back. The thing that cracks me up about it is that it was my first time trying to add piping to clothing. I literally added piping...like the kind you'd use in upholstery! I took some cord and wrapped it in bias tape then put it across the bodice. Ha! I had no idea that there is a different way piping is put onto clothing and it does not involve cording. Oops! Lesson learned. Even though the cord doesn't lay perfectly flat, the nightgown still works for her and she's happy with it.
For Emma I made a shirt and pants. Here's the shirt (we couldn't find the pants when we took this picture so she just wore jeans...not that her room was messy or anything - HA):
In the picture below you can kind of see the pants...and you can see the matching pjs I made for her doll.
The only picture I have of what I made for Elliott is from Christmas. His is a long sleeve t-shirt with a monster band on it (he chose the fabric) and some fleece pants. I've learned to make pockets in almost anything I make for the kids because kids.love.pockets!
Is it worth it to make your own pajamas? Yes, and no. It's fun to design them and sew something special for each kid. But you could honestly buy pjs for the same price as you can make them (or maybe even cheaper if you get a good deal). I would have loved making the kids classic button up pjs, but I am still using my broken sewing machine that can't make buttonholes. My parents gave the kids nice pajamas in that style and they are adorable! Maybe next year I can make some.

I actually already have a pattern that I want to use next year. It would be a fun tradition to keep going. But I think I'll have to start the project in September to get them all done in time!


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