Feb 19, 2013

recent ridiculousness

Sometimes I feel like I just have to create something. Once I get a firm idea, I put pressure on myself to get it done. It's fun...and ridiculous.

Right now, I am in the midst of carrying out a completely ridiculous idea. I am having a blast and I can't wait to share more of it with you!! There is a purpose and end goal to this madness and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

It all started when we booked tickets to a warm destination. We'll be taking a mini-trip in the Spring with Emma for some pre-kindergarten fun. (like we did last year with Elliott)

Part of preparing to go is thinking about warm weather clothes for Emma. She needs a new swimsuit (or two) and shorts, t-shirts, skirts, shoes, etc. She's grown out of everything from last year. Luckily, the stores are starting to get in some Spring clothes, but I haven't been very excited about them yet. Old Navy had a few cute things, and Target, Gap, etc. BUT the lingering thought in my head as I shop is "I could make this in less than hour for half the cost." Most often, it's not worth my time to make a cheap little t-shirt, so I'll buy one. But with dresses or anything I want to customize, I can make it cheaper and it will be exactly the way I want.

Enter the ridiculous idea. I am in the middle of creating a Spring Collection of girls' clothes! What??? Yep, what started by me finding a swimsuit pattern I was dying to make for Emerald, turned into a full out collection of leggings, skirts, shorts, tanks, dresses, swimsuits, etc.

I have found fabrics that I love and everything coordinates! The girls are the same size so they can interchange everything between them. The shirts match all the bottoms and can pretty much be mixed and matched. The leggings match the dresses and skirts. It's SO fun to design it all and then sew it up!

Here's a peek at the fabrics. The turquoise/white color blocked fabric is something I made last night and will finish a dress with it today. (I'm actually testing a pattern for a pattern designer so that one is free! Yippee! I LOVE pattern testing!)
And here's a peek at some finished pieces. The polk-a-dot dress is my favorite!! It's adorable on Emma and inspired me to make my own pattern for a swimsuit to match. Then you can also see a skirt, skort, and t-shirt here. LOVE!
Stay tuned in the coming weeks as I share more of this ridiculousness!


  1. Oh my word. Yes, you are crazy. But I just love to see what you whip up! So far, SO cute! (Why aren't you on Instagram? I'd love to see little snapshots as you go)

    1. Instagram would be fun...but I don't think I can add another thing like that right now. I think I'd get sucked in and never get anything done. :) I'll try to post progress every few days.


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