Feb 14, 2013

sweetheart art

I am always on the lookout for fun art for our house that is very personal. I don't like to hang random pictures...but I like them all to tell a story and most things on our walls at the moment are things we've made or are very personal. (and sometimes I buy things if they make me laugh, like this bathroom art).

A year ago I found a fantastic etsy seller that makes hand-cut paper designs with your name or initials. I fell in love with her store and bought two pieces. They sat around for a while but are finally up...in our master bedroom!

Here's one:
And another one that I LOVE with all of our names intricately cut out of it! It's hard to tell in the pictures since these are mounted in frames, but the black you see mixed in the white is actually a piece of black construction paper I put behind the paper cutting. If we ever want to make it a fun, bright color it's as simple as slipping in a sheet with a different color. SO great!
The pictures are part of a big 'collage' on a wall in our master bedroom. It used to look really bare, like this:
I had several pieces of art and pictures I wanted to put up in this space...although our goal was to put a TV here. This was one of the walls that was completely gutted (there used to be a closet door here) and when we put the wall back we wired it for a TV to hang in the center of the wall. But, honestly, we haven't wanted to spend the money on a TV for us right now...AND who needs a TV when you have an iPad?? Netflix and Hulu, along with a couple apps like PBS and HGTV pretty much stream whatever we want to watch anyway so there's kind of no need for a TV here anymore. Maybe we'll change our minds, but for now, we went with art.

Here is the wall in progress. I traced the frames I wanted to use with magazine pages to make templates and then taped them on the wall to get the placement right.
Then put Command strips up on the wall and the back of each frame. We couldn't do nails in the wall here because of all the plumbing and TV wiring in it. We didn't want to accidentally nick a wire or cause problems. I was skeptical that the strips would work...but they work GREAT! 
And here's the almost-completed wall (with a few pieces missing that I haven't gotten around to printing/making yet):
Here are a couple more close-ups of the art:

My sister-in-law gave me this picture for Christmas two years ago. (Amanda - it's finally up - thank you!)
And this is a strange looking piece of art I made for Michael. I actually took the first tie that he ever wore for his first job and cut it to fit in the middle part of the frame. Then I took two of his other memorable ties and cut them too. This art accomplished two things, it kept the memories for Michael in an interesting way...while letting some things go out of our closet (if only we could do that with old t-shirts too). 
You can read more about the antlers here. I still love them and have no problems leaving them up year-round. Eventually I hope to get around to finishing up several more projects for this wall. But for now, it's fun to have one less blank wall, and my sweetheart art hanging up!


  1. Love it. I'm dying to start a collage wall in our living room. My taste is too expensive for my own good :) You probably feel the same way most of the time. I want that tree ring print too! So cute. I saw it first on AshleyAnnPhotography Blog.

    1. I'm right there with you...expensive tastes make putting a collage together a s.l.o.w. process. I found a discount for the tree ring print, maybe on younghouselove. I can't remember. But I know she has discounts from time to time.


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