Mar 22, 2013

inch by inch it's a cinch

The basement bathroom project continues...little by little.

We have a new 'deadline' in mind now because we have people coming to stay with us for a few weeks in May and it would be great to have the basement projects buttoned up by then. The basement could be a nice 'guest suite' to give friends and family space when they stay here. They can have the whole floor to themselves, it's off-limits to the kids, it should be warm and cozy once the carpet is in, they'll have a nice tv all to themselves, and a beautiful private bathroom.

Here is the most recent picture I have of the progress:'s not looking beautiful yet. In this picture I'm standing in the still unfinished part looking into the finished room. You can see the studs for the new wall we had to build as a little 'nook' for the sink. (there was never a sink in this bathroom...weird) The concrete board is all up and ready for tile, and since I took this picture the studs have been closed in! We're getting closer!

Here's our mental checklist of what needs to be done still:
- drywall and paint ceiling
- install tile (I ordered it this week! Yippee!)
- install wall 'treatment' (you'll have to wait and see what our plans are for the walls)
- install new toilet and sink
- hang lights
- hang mirror

Then the B.I.G. next step is to get carpet in the rest of the basement (since we should be done with the dusty projects for a while), and hang the oh-so-special barn door track and doors. I CAN'T WAIT for that part! We made progress on it this week and I am super excited to see the details coming together.


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