Mar 29, 2013

kids thoughts on Easter

Today is Good Friday and, like many of you, we are reflecting on Jesus and the amazing sacrifice he made for us. I love how innocent and funny the kids are when we talk about the meaning of Easter and the power of all that happened in those 3 days. The oldest ones are starting to 'get it' a little bit and it's a blessing to see their eyes open to the fact that Christ's death and resurrection is much more than a happened...and it has a life-changing meaning.

Here are a few silly little examples of the way the kids have been thinking about Easter:

- Elliott's class had an Easter celebration yesterday and the teacher walked them through the Last Supper and crucifixion stories. She even took the class to a small second floor office in the school that would be like the 'upper room.' Very creative. Each child was given a 'nail' that is kind of like a big, heavy, rusty railroad spike. It's probably a foot long and pretty heavy. Elliott was excited to tell me about it...and honestly believed it was one of the actual nails that was used to hang Jesus on the cross. He was quite puzzled when I told him that, even though it's old, it's not THE one.

- Elliott also kept calling the tomb, the 'boom.' Hmmm.

- We have to drive past a cemetery on his way to school each day and he used to have lots of questions about it that we spent many, many rides talking about. Part of the confusion about the tomb is that in all the pictures he has seen of what the tomb might have been like, the big stone did not have Jesus' name engraved on it. (you know, like tombstones do) Confusing, huh?

- This morning we were talking about Jesus being seen on 'Easter' day. When I told the kids that he even walked through a wall...they thought it was the coolest thing they had ever heard! Emma was so excited about the thought that Jesus didn't even break the wall when he walked through it. So cute!

- And today we have had lots of chances to talk about why Jesus had to die...because we are all sinners. For some reason, the kids have been extra disobedient today and we talk about what sin means each time they...well...sin. Every time they hit their siblings, pull hair, say mean things, disobey mom and dad, etc. it is another teachable moment for them as we discuss how Jesus died because we ALL sin just like that, every day.

Hope you have a fantastic Easter and remember 'the reason for the season.'

And...just for's one more peek at the spring clothes collection I've been making for the girls. Emma had an Easter party at school yesterday and she was thrilled to wear her new twirly skirt. I love this skirt!! It's my own design that popped into my head after I saw this gorgeous pink flower cut-out fabric. (It's from a collection by case any of you are fellow Project Runway lovers and recognize that name.)

I bought a really small amount of the flower fabric (since it was really $28 a yard) and then used almost 6 yards of tulle underneath it. Then I lined it and used the same lining material for a waistband. When the skirt was done I had Emma model it for me...and then decided to cut a few more inches off of the flower fabric so the tulle would peek out all the way around.

I can't wait to get better pictures of it with some of the shirts that go with it from the collection...but for now you can see her fun (and slightly Easter-y) skirt.

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  1. Elliott's conversation with Emma: "Jesus can walk on hot lava!"

    That's a pretty good feat since Mario characters never can survive a fall into hot lava.

    Emma: "The first will be last and the last will be first" Only she's referring to finishing breakfast or getting into the van.


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