Apr 8, 2013


It's been a couple weeks since my birthday...and I'm still really excited about a few of the gifts I got from Michael. Ok....let's be honest, I chose all of them except for one...you know, to ensure that I liked what I would get. You probably never do that, right? (wink)

I really wanted a big, expensive serger but alas, it is not in the budget right now. So I settled for a $10 sewing tool. It's even vintage, as in, you can't buy these in stores anymore. Ebay is pretty much it. I don't really like to think much about where mine came from. It's still in the original packaging so I'm imagining it was neglected hidden away in someone's sewing box since around the time I was born. And now, it will be loved and used.
I found out about this handy gadget from here (photo credit to her too) and I can't wait to use it!! It basically makes classy looking buttonholes out of fabric...kind of like mini welt pockets. This is essential for me because the buttonhole function on my sewing machine is broken and I have to get creative with button loops and snaps. Now, at last, I can finish up a project or two with some real button holes thanks to this little baby.

In addition to sewing, a new-ish 'hobby' of mine is working out at the YMCA. Seriously, how did I pass up two hours of FREE childcare every single day for this long (especially when it's two minutes from my house)? My Y time keeps me sane and makes me feel totally and completely out of shape, in a good way. TRX is my current favorite thing, although I'm sore for three days after every class. Ridiculous, I tell you! Oh, and BodyPump is super fun too.

On days when I don't do a class, I work out on the ellipticals, stair climbers, or run on the treadmill. That time is really my excuse to watch the Today Show since I never get to watch it at home. But to hear the TV, I have to bring my phone (I had no idea smartphones had FM tuners in them - LOVE) and earphones. That works ok, but several times my phone has taken a fall when I'm not paying attention to it.

So...gift number 2 from Michael was a bluetooth set so I don't have to worry about pulling on the cord and hurting my poor phone anymore. It's a must have!

Gift number 3 was one that Michael came up with all by himself. It's also for the Y. Every day I have had to borrow a lock to use while I'm working out. I mentioned it one day to Michael that I needed a lock...and he found a super cool one for me.

Isn't it weird looking? Have you seen these?
It has a sliding combination. You can see in the picture how I'm sliding it to one side. It works like magic and is perfect for the gym because I don't need to carry around a key (which I used to just tie to my shoelace) and no one else there has a white lock so I never forget where my stuff is. (not that I'm speaking from experience, or anything)
A fun, useful, and thoughtful gift. Well done husband!

And finally, one more 'gift' that I got for the house. I basically used my birthday as an excuse to buy something I've had my eye on for a LONG time (so I used birthday money, an in-store credit, and a coupon). It's still boxed up at the moment (in 3 big boxes...currently annoying us sitting in my dining room), but I can't wait to show you what it is in the near future!
I don't like it when gifts are just given for 'gifts sake' only. Why give a gift if it's not useful or something the person really wants? I'm thankful for these little gifts and that each is practical, useful, and fun!


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