Apr 25, 2013

progress continues

Progress continues in the basement bathroom. Michael got the drywall done on the ceiling and some wall boards up in the sink 'nook.' It was a messy job, but looks great!
Then, he got the shower tiling started! It looks beautiful! Although...we're changing our grout colors after seeing it done this far. We were planning on a gray grout for both the walls and floor. We thought the gray would match the pinstripe in the white tile and keep down on the hassle of cleaning the white grout. BUT...it turns out that you can't see the pinstripe at all unless you're up really close to it. So, we're switching to white. It will look clean and bright which is perfect for this dark basement.
He laid out the stone tile on the floor but hasn't installed it yet. Instead of gray grout, we are switching to black and hoping it will blend in better on the floor. Once the floor is installed Michael will cut the last row of shower wall tile.
We had talked about accent tiles and lots of fun things, but in the end, we just went with a straight subway pattern. Boring? Maybe. But it looks really nice, is cheaper, and less fussy than trying to squeeze an accent tile in here. This is a bonus bathroom and we're trying really hard to stay on budget. $2,000 doesn't go very far in a bathroom...even though we're using existing lights, mirror, sink, and faucet. But so far, it's all shaping up nicely. (Please pardon the yellow toned pictures, there's no natural light in this room...and I was too lazy to white balance.)


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