Apr 23, 2013

What is this?

The projects continue in our little cottage. I am particularly excited about how a new dining room accessory is shaping up.
There is a single window at one end of the dining room and it was a bit too wide for the curtain pole we used. As you can see below, it bowed in the middle and we always wanted to 'get around' to fixing it. But, you know how that goes. Those tiny projects never get done when there are whole rooms still needing to be remodeled!
This project was put off...until...I found an incredible deal on a barn door track I had been eyeing for ages. I made it one of my birthday gifts (mentioned here) and after a while of living with the boxes piled up in the dining room we put it up!
Apparently, no project is complete without an almost-naked Henry 'helping' Daddy.
The track is 8 feet long and looks beautiful! For now, we hung the curtain back up but it will eventually be replaced by a fun rolling 'art' piece I'm working on. The chalkboard you can see in the picture below was hung up to keep it out of the way for now. I had to buy it in order to get the wheel assemblies (the wheels weren't sold separately) and it will eventually go in my craft room. The wheels will hold the new window covering...which I hope to get up by summer.
Hooray for progress!

PS - for more pictures of our dining room, you can see these posts: the unblogged room, the light list, chalkboard, and a cover up.


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