May 17, 2013

knocking off the look

An amazing sewing blogger I follow (Elegance & Elephants) has been doing a series about knocking off kids' clothes and making them for a fraction of the price of the original design.

I recently tried my hand at this for my new niece! My sister-in-law has beautiful (and rather expensive) taste in little girls' clothes. She set up a Pinterest board of darling I just went through the board and chose things I thought I could re-create pretty closely. So far, I've made two items for baby Audrey but have fabric and ideas ready for two more.

First up...bloomers.

These adorable little bloomers were from a French website. And they were $69 US!
My knock-off version cost roughly $4 in materials and took several hours because I created my own pattern. I meticulously wrote down every step and drew out pattern pieces. Is anyone interested in me turning it into a free pattern for you? 
I'm entering the shorts above to Shorts on the Line, a fun sewing series by Imagine Gnats.

This jacket was the second piece I decided to knock off. The original also happened to cost $69. That might be ok if it's a nice coat that can be worn for a couple seasons...but for a newborn that will only get to wear it a couple times, that's a bit expensive!
Below is my version. The cost on this one was probably about $15 and I modified this pattern to make it.
I lined the entire jacket with pretty yellow roses. It was a fun jacket to make and I can't wait for my niece to grow a little so she can wear it!
I have two more outfits to 'knock off' and then I'll be back to creating my own designs. I think it's a good thing I didn't sew much when my girls were born...I'd never get anything else done! It's just to make tiny clothes!


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