Jun 6, 2013

Baby Shower Fun

Newborn babies are SO sweet! I'm always amazed at how tiny they are...you really forget that as your kids get older.
I co-hosted a baby shower for baby Lily and her gorgeous mama earlier this week. It was so fun to celebrate this new little life and shower the parents with fun baby stuff. Shopping for newborns (especially girls) is a little dangerous! There are just TOO many adorable things for babies out there!

Here are some shower details:
I took Emerald with me and she was excited to go to a 'shower.' It took her a while to grasp the concept that the baby is not actually taking a shower. Ha! Kids are so literal it cracks me up!
Emma helped carry the balloons (wearing her Sunshine Dress) and had helped me make a fun fruit 'basket.' We hollowed out a watermelon to look like a baby carriage then filled it with fruit. It was SO cute! We also pinned some fabric around water bottles (a Pinterest idea) and my cousin made some delicious mini-cupcakes.
We played a few games. One was a 'Mad Lib' type game about the birth of baby Lily. We filled in silly words, then let the mom tell the real story. I also made a little 'Handbag Hunt' and got a glimpse into what everyone keeps in their purses! Another Pinterest idea I found was to fill a basket with diapers and ask guests to make some 'late night diapers' for the mom by writing notes on the diaper with markers. What a fun idea! People wrote encouraging things to the mom, as well as some hilariously funny things. I highly recommend doing this if you host a shower. What mom doesn't need some encouragement, or a good laugh at 3am when you're up for the third or fourth time with a newborn!
Lily's nickname is Lil' Mo. We got to tour her adorable nursery and see these amazing blocks custom made by the grandparents. Lily didn't seem impressed, though. She was a little sleepy!
Lily's 91 year old Great Grandmother (who happens to also be my grandma) was at the party too (Great Nana). She could not get enough of that sweet baby.
Later she came over to my house and said 'hi' to the kids. It's always fun to get pictures of my grandma (Emerald) with my oldest daughter (Emerald). 
What a fun baby shower! Being around little Lily almost makes me want another baby...almost.


  1. Lots of cute ideas here! Love that watermelon carriage and Emma's dress is so sweet.

  2. Thanks Lindsay! Tomorrow I'm actually going to post the tutorial on how to make the watermelon carriage. :)

  3. I just read it, awesome. Now I just need someone to have a baby so I can try it out. Love your new blog!


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