Jun 17, 2013

Dad is Fat

Hope you had a great Father's Day yesterday!

I have some amazing fathers in my life. My dad. My grandpas. My father-in-law. Brother and brothers-in-law. Uncles, cousins, friends. And, of course, my husband!

None of these men are fat. Just wanted to clarify that. :)

Dad is Fat is a new book written by Jim Gaffigan. We are RAVING fans of his!! If you haven't seen his comedy shows, go watch them. Now. Here's one of my favorite clips (because I have 4 children, used a midwife, etc. - he jokes about all of those things).

I've been hearing about his book, and he was in town for a book signing recently. So, we went. (yes, we're crazy fans)

Sadly, this is as close as I got.
I had all 4 kids in the car with me, so I met my husband there and we were planning on taking turns going in for the signing while the kids had lunch in the car. (yes, I realize how crazy this sounds) Little did we realize how many people were also crazy fans. The place was PACKED. Lines wrapped around the aisles throughout the entire store. My husband stood by the door when Jim Gaffigan came in and was able to hear him answer a bunch of questions and do a few comedic minutes.

I went back later that night to get the book as a Father's Day gift. Luckily, they had a couple leftover books that had been signed.

My husband and I both read it throughout the weekend. I'm halfway through already and it's hilarious. I highly recommend it! Get it for yourself. Get it for a dad. Funny stuff about parenting.

To buy the book, feel free to use this link Dad Is Fat (it's an affiliate link), or get it at your local bookstore, borrow it from a friend, or the library. It's good for many laughs.

Speaking of laughter...I've been following this board on Pinterest lately and it's so great. She's pinning loads of images of people just happy and laughing. Brings a little smile to my day when I see her newest pins.

Hope you get a chance to laugh a lot today!

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  1. I'm a huge fan too! I love when he talks about food...the best.


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