Jun 21, 2013

Family Friday: big days for the littles

Graduations. They're supposed to signify something very important, a passage from one phase of life to another. The mark of a new stage of life.
The idea of a Kindergarten Graduation seems like an oxymoron. When a little one "graduates" from Kindergarten...aren't they still just in school the next year? There's no new phase. It's just moving on to first grade.
Who came up with the idea of making a big deal out of the end of the first year of school? Why not have an elementary graduation and then a middle school graduation too? Strange.

But even though I think the whole concept is silly...we still celebrated like crazy with our little Elliott. He graduated from Kindergarten a couple weeks ago and we are proud. :) He looked adorable in his cap and gown, singing songs with his class about how they're ready for first grade. (Tear. Sigh.) 
I was just as proud (maybe even more so) when Elliott's former preschool teachers asked him to come read to the 4 year old class. It's amazing watching your child learn to read. He was even really careful about showing the pictures in the book to everyone as he read. So cute!
Then we had the preschool graduation. Another kind of silly tradition - although it makes more sense to me than Kindergarten graduation because it does actually signify the passing of one phase to another. Emma's preschool class was tiny but wonderful. We will miss the school next year since we'll go a year with no preschoolers. But then we'll be back for two more years so hopefully they're not celebrating the fact that they are rid of us...yet.
Henry looked thrilled at the festivities, huh? And did you recognize Emma's dress? It's the Scirocco - perfect for the occasion.

So what do you think of the little people graduations? Love them? Think they're silly?


  1. Omygosh. I can't wait for my little girl to go to school. She is just turning two but I can't wait for that milestone. Congrats on your little one's Graduation!

  2. Thanks Catherine! It's so fun to see how much they grow in that first year of school. Your two year old will be there before you know it. :)


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