Jun 28, 2013

Family Friday: first horseback rides

Image by the wonderful Laura Kleffman...during a family photo shoot for the whole clan
Our niece just graduated from high school (congrats Angie) and the whole family got together to celebrate at her open house. My sister-in-law has a gorgeous house and lots of land where they have horses, cows, chickens, and tons of space for kids to run and play. The three youngest all got horseback rides for the first time ever! (funny how my oldest had NO interest in it)
 Henry was thrilled to pet a calf!

Quite a fun weekend adventure for my 'city kids.' We have no animals (not even a cat, dog or fish will be in this house anytime soon) so being around animals is always fun....especially big animals like these. Do you have any animals? Or are you like us and just visit someone who does on occasion?


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