Jun 28, 2013

Lovin on Blogs - a peek at who I follow

You've heard lots of people, I'm sure, talking about how Google Reader is going away in a few days. There are oodles of options out there to follow your favorite blogs...but my favorite is BlogLovin. I think it's easy to navigate and it even helps recommend pages to you that are similar to blogs you already like. (not that I don't already spend WAY too much time browsing through blogs)

You can follow CharmingDoodle with Bloglovin by clicking here.

Another popular feed site is Feedly. I don't love this one as much, it seems too complicated for me. But I'm trying it out. Let me know if you have tips or favorite ways to use Feedly. Maybe I'm missing something. Do you use the app or the regular website?

So now that we all have readers set up...I'm curious...what are some of your favorite blogs to follow? I follow a gazillion and here are a few of my favorites (from a smattering of various blog focuses):

Women's Clothes and Sewing Tips: Coletterie
Anyone else doing the Hawthorn sew-a-long? I'm so excited!

Marketing and Business Inspiration: Seth Godin
I learn something new from him every.single.day.

Crafty, Modern, and Inspiring: The House that Lars Built
This woman has an incredible eye for all things beautiful, modern, and cool.

Author, Mom, and Funny Lady: Jen Hatmaker
Jen is a Christian author and is seriously hilarious. Be sure to read her latest post about her Today Show appearance. Hee, hee, hee.

Vintage Style and Idea Woman: Oh, Hello Friend
I wish I lived in California so I could visit the Oh, Hello Friend store. I just purchased some packaging pretties from her online shop and can't wait to use them when sending out my etsy store packages! (What a tease...yes, I have set up an etsy shop and will share all the juicy details next week!)

So there are five of my favs. I didn't include any kids' fashion or sewing blogs in there. Maybe I'll have to do a post about all of those. It's by far the biggest 'category' I follow in blogland.

Now it's your turn...what are your favorite blogs?


  1. I'm so sad google is getting rid of reader but I am loving Feedly right now. I have the app and use the online format and what I love most over bloglovin is that I do not have to open a new window to read the post. Most similar to the old reader. Either way, I just love reading blogs:)

  2. Andrea - thanks for the insight into how feedly and bloglovin are different. I didn't realize that. And by the way...I just started following your blog on feedly. :)

  3. I'm using the Old Reader! Getting used to it... sad about google reader leaving us as well! It was just SO efficient! :)

  4. I use the old reader too and have set up all my blogs on feedly and bloglovin. I think it'll take a while to figure out what I gravitate toward most.


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