Jun 8, 2013

Skirt Week 2013!

It's Skirt Week! Skirt Week is a fun feature hosted by Crafterhours.
This year I decided to enter a few skirts...here's a peek at them. Some of these I'll be blogging about soon.

This skirt was one I made for myself last November when I wanted something to wear to Christmas parties. Sadly, my husband is not a fan of this little creation, and I did not wear it. But I kinda love it. It's the most comfortable skirt I've ever had on (thanks to an elastic waistband) and I self-drafted the bubble skirt pattern for it.

I took pictures and documented the process of making it (including a SUPER easy technique for gathering this much fabric) so I could share it with you, but when the hubs had such a strong reaction against it I thought maybe you'd hate it too. What do you think? Thumbs up or down? Actually...you don't have to answer that if it's a thumbs down. But if you like it, let me know and I'll get the tutorial up so you can make one too...maybe we'll just look funny (and be comfy) together!
You've seen this skirt here. I made it for Emma and she wore it for Easter. I love this skirt on her...and of course she loves it because it's pink! (pattern: self drafted and that gorgeous fabric is from the SuedeSays line at Jo-Ann Fabrics)
I made this combo for Isa today. I had the idea for her shirt, and have been wanting to make her a purple skirt for a while. The pattern is called the Dirndle Skirt by Aesthetic Nest. The apron and skirt are supposed to be one piece, but I separated them so each can be worn separately. She loves having a purple skirt...but was quite upset with me that the shirt wasn't purple too.
My last submission to Skirt Week was this little number. It's actually a skort that I made as part of my Spring Collection. Yay for modesty on the monkey bars! :) The girls love the idea of 'undercover shorts' that stay their little secret. The pattern is from Peek-A-Boo Pattern Shop and is called the Sporty Girl Skort. I'll blog more about this skirt in a future post with more collection details.
Did you make anything for Skirt Week? 

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  1. Eliz - I do like your skirt, it's got a lot of whimsy to it. I think for a Xmas party it would be fun!


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