Jun 17, 2013

Spring Collection: two outfits

Out of all of the pieces I made this Spring, these are the girls' favorites. (and what good would some pictures be without a little brother photo bomb?)
Let's talk about the purple dress and leggings first. My 3 year old loves anything purple and she is over the top happy with this dress. My husband, on the other hand, thinks it looks like a 'craft project' and isn't a fan. You can read more about that and see additional pictures of the dress here.
The pattern for this dress is the Lorelei from Lily Giggle. All of the fabric came from Jo-Anns.
For the leggings, I used the same knit lace-ish material I used on the front of the dress. The legging pattern is from Violette Field Threads and is packaged with the Ellie Skirt pattern.

The pink striped shirt is also a pattern from Violette Field Threads. (Can you tell they're one of my favorite sites ever?) It's a modification of the Elise top. I made a cross between a tab front and a bib front. The fabric, once again, is all from Jo-Ann Fabrics. The only regret I have about this top is that I used a metallic ric rac for the trim and it's starting to fray where it was cut. I wish I would have just had it go all the way around the bib without cutting it but for some reason I had decided to cut it and sort of miter the corners. Oh well. Lesson learned.

The skort is from Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop and is called the Sporty Girl Skort. I love the details like the piping, contrast stitching, pocket, and the practicality of this piece. It's as cute as a skirt...but still modest for an active little girl on the playground.

 Have you sewn any of these 4 patterns? Or plan to make something similar this summer?


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