Jul 2, 2013

DIY Butterflies...and a Call for Pattern Testers

Today I'm sharing a FREE pattern over at The Sewing Rabbit for some fun fabric scrap-busting butterflies. Plus, right here I'm sharing a super exciting announcement (further down in this post). And by the way, the picture below makes me a little sad because we're in the process of taking down the round crib. Henry hasn't used it in months (remember this?) and with no more babies in the house...it's time. At least I got to use it for a picture of the butterflies! (and be sure to check out my etsy store if you want to buy the samples I made)
Now...onto the exciting news. I am getting ready to release my first sewing pattern!! I'm thrilled to share some details with you today and I need some testers!

So, what's the pattern, you ask? I am pleased to introduce you to...the Ultimate Apron!

Here's what makes this apron the 'ultimate:'
  • It's completely reversible so your little one can have two totally different looks and color stories to wear with everything.
  • It's an accessory piece to be worn over any skirt, dress, or pants. You could use it as a cooking apron if you want, but it was designed as more of a 'fashion apron.'
  • Putting the apron (with pockets) on over a dress that doesn't have pockets allows your little one to carry lots of treasures. Kids love pockets!
  • This pattern lets you sew a very professional looking piece with no exposed seams.
  • There are oodles of trim and finishing options, including a scalloped hem.
  • You can choose whether you want an apron that's just a skirt, or has a top piece as well.
The wardrobe possibilities are endless:
The dress above is the Emmaline dress by Violette Field Threads. A gorgeous dress on its own...but look how fun it is with the apron! My daughter Emerald LOVES these two pieces together!

But, of course, her sister Isa has to get in on the fun too. So she can take the SAME apron, reverse it to the other side and wear it with her favorite dress too! (Stay tuned for details about this gorgeous dress tomorrow.)
And with the cute pocket, all the little stuffed animal friends around our house are having fun too! Here's a peek at the scalloped hem option.
Now for the testing details:

I am looking for several people to test the Ultimate Apron pattern and send me feedback and photos of the finished cuteness. If you'd like to test it...head over to the facebook page and leave me the information I request there. I can't wait to see what you make with this pattern!


  1. Is it wrong that I want an adult version of this apron?!

  2. Lindsay - that would be so easy to do! :) I think you should come visit me and we can make one together!


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