Jul 29, 2013

pattern testing: bateau neck top

Aesthetic Nest has just released a new pattern...the Bateau Neck Top. (available in her etsy shop here) It is a 'boat' neck shirt that is extremely easy and quick to sew, and has several options including a front pleat, pocket, back buttons and ruffle neck.
I tested the pleated front shirt on Isa and also made one for Elliott since the pattern is a classic french sailor style shirt that can work for boys or girls. (and Elliott always wants to get in on the fun of having something made for him)
I was thrilled with how quick it was to sew these tops! Since the neckline doesn't need ribbing or a collar, it's just really fast to cut out and stitch. The finish is nice and the kids thought the shirts were really comfortable.
The jury is still out on whether or not Elliott will wear his shirt as is. I'll probably end up adding a collar to his at some point. What do you think? Do you like the wide neck shirt on a boy? He is just so used to regular t-shirts that he feels funny in it and keeps pulling at the neck. We'll see what happens.

I had promised Elliott we would play around with some fabric paint on one of his shirts and this was the one. We were hoping it would turn out really cute (like this one I painted for Henry) but sadly, the results were mixed. We used a glow paint to write an 'e' on the shirt pocket. The paint looks weird during the day since it's a yellow-ish color. But in the dark it looks great! I think I'd like to try this paint again on a highly patterned fabric so it blends into the print and then pops out at night.
Even though I won't be using a lot of glow paint in the near future, I'll definitely be making more bateau necks whenever one of the girls needs a quick and cute shirt. I highly recommend this pattern!

You can go here to see more pictures of the bateau neck options including the ruffle neck. I love that version and hopefully will get to make one this fall. You can also enter the giveaway to win one of these beautiful patterns!


  1. I love both these versions! Thanks so much for testing this pattern for me. Would love to see if you add a collar to Elliott's--could be cool!

  2. Thanks Anneliese! Your pattern is beautiful and I'll be making many more in the future!


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