Jul 23, 2013

sewing on television

With the recent royal birth (congratulations Kate!) I thought it would be fun to highlight something British. (and of course it's sewing related...I wonder if Kate sews???)

The Great British Sewing Bee is a BBC show that you can find on YouTube in the US. It takes home sewers and puts them through 3 competitions in each episode. Each week they have to make a garment following a pattern's instructions, do some kind of alteration, and then fit a garment to a live model.

It's real world sewing - the kind of sewing that you and I do all the time.

The thing I really love about it is that they break all the sewing basics down so anyone can learn and begin to understand more about the history of patterns, simple terms like 'bias,' and overall sewing concepts.

If you haven't heard of the show, I'd encourage you to watch it. I hope some producer somewhere in the US will grab onto that idea and bring it here. Project Runway is great, but this is a different, more approachable, type of sewing show.

Here is a link to each episode in YouTube. Happy watching! :) And a big thanks to Jenya from While She Was Sleeping for introducing me to this fun show!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4


  1. Very cool- thanks for sharing! My grandmother was a seamstress for a very long time. She has now passed but I'd love to watch this and see what the job is like.

  2. It's such a great show - I hope you love it too. I just checked out your blog...love your pantry makeover!

  3. That is a wonderful show. I watched all four episodes and was awed by the tasks they had to complete! The evening dresses were spectacular! Some of your links didn't work for me, but I managed to find all the episodes. Looking forward to season 2! Now I have to go work on expanding my skills.......

  4. Oh no! I'll try to update the links to make sure they all work. Glad you liked it! I'm looking forward to season 2 as well!


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