Jul 1, 2013

the Madelyn Shirt: a Pattern Review

The first PDF pattern designer I ever came across was Violette Field Threads and they are one of my absolute favorite places to purchase modern, beautiful patterns! I own SEVENTEEN of their patterns...whoa! And the great thing about my stash of VFT patterns is that I've actually sewn something with most of them (and have plans to make the rest soon)! One of these days I'll do a round-up and post them all.

Every pattern from Violette Field Threads is well-written, easy to sew (although some look intimidating - I, as a new-ish sewer haven't found one yet that I had trouble with), and they are modern and gorgeous. The Madelyn shirt is my most recent favorite.

The button detail in the back is just a show-stopper and I LOVE that peter pan collar!

I made this version out of a lightweight blue knit, with a cotton collar and button loops made from a shirting fabric. The translucent buttons are just perfect for the look!

I was surprised at how quickly this shirt comes together and how professional it looks. There are no exposed seams because the entire shirt is lined, which means you don't need a serger or to do anything fancy to make the top look professionally made.

My only challenge in putting the shirt together was in trying to envision what the back would look like. There are no photographs of the back of the top within the pattern instructions. There is one on the website but for the most part, it was hard to tell how it would turn out until it was done.

I'm thrilled with the result, though. I chose to sew the buttons close to the edge in the back to create a bit of a 'peek-a-boo' back. The girls get compliments on this shirt...and especially the back detail, every time they wear it! I'd like to make more of these adorable tops and next time I'll try it in a woven fabric instead of knit.
The shorts I paired with the top for my 'Spring Collection' are self-drafted and I just love how they turned out. A big, simple ruffle with a rolled hem. This was my first sewing experiences with a rolled hem foot and I loved how easy it was! Together, I think this top and shorts are my favorite casual outfit from the collection.

What have you made from Violette Field Threads? I have my eye on the Charlotte or Lucy pants. Those are two patterns I don't have...yet. :)


  1. Gorgeous! I'm in the middle of one of their dresses-- fiona I think? It's my first pattern of theirs.

    I love those buttons-- you have to share where you got them. They are, like, TDF (and I haven't said TDF since middle school!)

  2. Thanks Palak! All of their patterns are so cute! I'm sure your first one will turn out great! Hmmm...I'm trying to remember where I got the buttons. It was either from JoAnns or Hancock Fabrics. When I'm at the store next time I'll look and let you know the brand.

  3. This is seriously cute!!! Those buttons and peter pan collar! And is it terrible that I am JUST checking out everyone else's blogs?! Yours is so cute BTW!

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