Jul 12, 2013

this little girl...

Today's "this little girl" is very lucky...she has a mom who takes Craftsy classes and has made her some wonderful things.
this little girl is actually my little girl, Emerald
plays with: Wee Ones - knit toy class on Craftsy.com
birthday cake: Clean & Simple Cake Design class on Craftsy.com

Note: I love Craftsy classes and have taken LOTS of them (the knitting and cake decorating ones are on my list of classes I'd like to take in the future)! I am sharing affiliate links to Craftsy and I hope you love their classes too!


  1. I'm so intrigued by Craftsy! I must take one of their classes ASAP!

    Also, they are based in Denver too! So exciting! :)

  2. I love ALL of the classes I've taken on Craftsy. They're all so fun! Which one are you going to do?


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