Aug 20, 2013

cuff 'em

The other day you saw the first version of the slouchy cardigan I tested for Heidi&Finn. (it releases tomorrow!) After I had sewn that one the cuff pieces were revised so I cut the cuffs off and reattached the new piece. OH MY...I'm in love with the look of the new cuffs.

Isa got to model for me this time.

I love those sleeves. Hmmm....maybe I'll have to make something like this for myself.
And I have to throw this picture in because it just sums up my girl's personality. She knows how to turn on the pouty face. "Aren't we done with pictures yet?"


  1. Gee your little girl is a cutie :) The top is lovely. The sleeves are nice. Looking forward to a grown up version ;)

  2. Really cute! I love the fabric...where is it from?

  3. I really love your version! I've seen so many of these lately - I've really got to make some.

  4. Thanks! I am in love with this fabric too! I wish I knew how to get more. I got it at a fabric warehouse in Minnesota. (details here If I come across it again I'll let you know. I LOVE it!


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