Aug 16, 2013

oh my darling

I am so in love with this little girl...and all her silly faces and craziness. She is headed to Kindergarten next week and I'm in complete denial.

Thankfully she let me capture a little bit of this moment in time and her goofy personality in these pictures.
I tested the soon-to-be-released Slouchy Cardigan pattern by Heidi&Finn. It was SO fun sewing this one because I got to use some incredible fabric that I got on my trip to Minnesota AND it was the first thing I have ever sewn with my new serger!!

The cuffs of the cardigan are supposed to be tight so the top portion of the sleeve slouches over them.
I actually redid the cuffs as part of the pattern testing process and will post the new version next week. Isa modeled for me and it turned out super adorable!

The pattern is a very easy and quick (especially with a serger) sew. I highly recommend this pattern and would love to try some of Heidi&Finn's other patterns in the future too.
This girl has the goofiest faces. While we were taking the pictures she kept asking me which magazine they were going in! Ha, ha, ha!
These pink glasses have become quite the subject of fights around our house now too. They fit her personality perfectly...but her sister is devastated that they don't come in purple!
Outfit details:
pink glasses: Target $1 section
cardigan: Heidi&Finn Slouchy Cardigan pattern (not released yet)
sparkly flamingo shirt: Crazy8 summer clearance ($3.99 then I used a coupon and a special gift I got this shirt for $2.75!)
pants: Petunia Petal pants pattern by LilyGiggle (they are actually way too small for Emma now so I need to make her new ones - love this pattern)


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