Sep 4, 2013

3 Ways to Wear a Scarf

Today I'm excited to bring you a fun tutorial from the amazing Lindsay of Real Home Love. I first met Lindsay a few years ago when she did a fashion intervention for me! Sadly, right after she helped me go through all of my clothes and put outfits together...I found out I was pregnant and had to skip a couple seasons of what she put together for me and trade in the cuteness for my maternity clothes again. But I love following her blog where she shares fun fashion things as well as home diy. Today she's sharing a few ways to wear a scarf...perfect for fall!

Well, hello everyone! I am SO excited and honored to be guest blogging here today! Thanks for having me!

With fall right around the corner, I thought I would share three of my favorite ways to wear a scarf. I LOVE scarf season. They instantly add a little flair to any look and I love wearing them with a layered fall outfit. Here is the first one I'd like to share. The Scarf Twist.

The Scarf Twist
1) Start by folding the scarf in half with it behind your head.
2) Pull the long side through the loop.
3) Twist the loop and pull it through again. sca sc5
The second one we can call The Cowgirl? I'm not so good with naming scarf looks so feel free to call it what you will.

The Cowgirl...or something
1) Fold your scarf in half.
2) Grab the two corners at the top.
3) Make a knot with those corners.
4) And with the knot lying in front, wrap the two ends around your neck and bam!
The third way is the Knotted Flair.

Knotted Flair
1) Just start by tying knots in the scarf from top to bottom,
2) Then, wrap that thing around your neck and you can tie the loose ends or tuck them and... scaaa
There you have it. Knotted Flair. Knotted Cuteness. Knot-That-Great-Of-A-Scarf-Namer. No, I'm knot. Sorry, I just had to. sc14
So, that's all there is to it! Hope you can sport one of these looks this fall! Thanks again for having me, Elisa!

What's your favorite way to wear a scarf? We'd love to see it!

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