Sep 2, 2013

Serger Love

Remember this sweater I made recently for Emma...and then revised for Isa?
This was my FIRST project made with my serger!! And I think the inside of the sweater is just as pretty as the outside.
See? If I had my own labels I don't think you could tell it was homemade! (And to my dear family...Christmas is coming and I'd like some labels!)

My fantastic aunt gave me a serger when she was visiting a few months ago. I was SO excited!! She brought her serger to my house as well so we could work on some projects together during her visit. I, of course, enrolled in the Beginning Serger class on Craftsy (affiliate link) and we got to work learning how to use our sergers.
I ran into a problem, though. There was no longer a manual to go with the serger and I couldn't find one online. It was a 3-thread serger but I couldn't figure out how to adjust the stitch width (and maybe you can't?) and most of the information in the Craftsy class didn't apply to a 3-thread serger. I was determined to figure it out though...until...

I had seen a serger on Craigslist a while before my aunt came to visit that was out of my price range but I had emailed the owner to get more information about it. I hadn't bought it and figured someone else had when I got a surprise email from the lady telling me she had dropped her price a lot and asking if I was still interested.


I ended up buying the serger, which had never been used (because she couldn't figure out how to thread it), along with extra blades and accessories (still in the unopened packages), thread, manual, pattern books, and even a case for $85!! I was thrilled!

And my aunt's serger will still go to good use with another family member wanting to learn to sew! Yay!

With the new serger (a 4-thread machine) I could go back through the Craftsy class and learn the stitches well enough to make the cardigan using ONLY the serger. It was amazing to leave the sewing machine behind and quickly finish an entire garment. It's so easy and fun!

I can't wait to make more things with the serger! If you have one I'd love to hear about your favorite things to sew with it. I'm also excited that Craftsy has a more advanced serger class, which I'll of course be taking in the near future. I'm in love with serging!

Online Sewing Class


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