Oct 27, 2013

Free Pattern: Baby Car Seat Strap Covers

I was recently asked to make some REMOVABLE and WASHABLE car seat strap covers. So I decided to create a free pattern while making them in case you'd like to make some too!

When my babies were still in their infant car seats I remember trying to use the strap covers that came with the seat. Talk about nasty, icky, gross! Since they were sewn together you had to remove the entire car seat cover and then take the straps apart to get them off and wash them. So...guess who didn't wash them very often? And as you know...babies drool and spit up so quickly the strap covers were super yucky.

Having removable and washable strap covers is such a no-brainer. I made two different styles and have included instructions for both types. You can make them with Velcro or snaps, and can use decorative bias tape or use a completely sewn edge.

Materials Needed:
Woven Fabric (scraps or fat quarters work well)
Interfacing (I would suggest medium or lightweight)
Double-folded Bias Tape (if you're using that option)
Velcro or Snaps
Pattern (download it here)

Download the pattern, print it, and cut out the pattern pieces. Then cut out your fabric and fuse the interfacing to it according to the manufacturer's directions. (note: if you're using a minky dot like I did you'll need to be very careful ironing it so you don't crush the dots - don't use very high heat)

For Bias Tape option:
Place your fabric wrong sides together and begin wrapping the edges with bias tape. You'll want to sew close to the open edge of the bias tape all the way around leaving about a two inch length of bias tape at the end. Fold that over and sew it down (it should be folded to the inside of the strap cover.
Then add your Velcro to the ends and either sew it down or use no-sew Velcro. (I recommend sewing it down so it stays put when you wash it.) Then fold over and you're done!

For the Snap version:
After fusing the interfacing to your fabric, mark the snap placement from the pattern and attach the snaps per the manufacturer's instructions. (make sure you attach the snaps so they are facing the right way)

Once the snaps are attached, place your fabric right sides together and sew around them leaving a 2 inch gap. Trim the curves and turn the piece right side out. You can hand or machine sew the opening. Press and you're done!

In less than an hour you can make several pairs of these adorable and soft strap covers for your baby! They simply fit and faster around the strap and can easily be removed and washed. Plus they're so cute! The fabric and color combinations you can use are endless.


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