Oct 2, 2013

The Best Halloween Round-Ups

Can you believe it's already October?? Whoa!

I love following LOTS of different bloggers and in the sewing blog-land Halloween tutorials and round-ups are popping up all over. They're so fun to read and get ideas! I still have not decided what to make for my kids' costumes (except for Isa's Belle dress I already finished) so I'm on the hunt for ideas.

Last year these were my kids' costumes:
I made every costume. Tinker Bell, Super-hero, Rapunzel, and a Monster suit for Henry. It was the first year I had attempted to make costumes and was SO fun...although completely crazy too. I should have started six months ahead of time to get them all done with lower stress. Why, oh why, don't I learn from my past mistakes? You'd think I'd be further ahead now but here we are...in October already and I only have one costume done!

Here are a few of the fabulous round-ups and Halloween series I've found to inspire some creativity. And if you look closely in several of these...you'll see a familiar Treat Bag or two!

Head to Olga's blog, Kid Approved and enter to win your own copy of my Halloween Treat Bag pattern. But you'll have to hurry because the giveaway ends tomorrow!

Palak from Make It Handmade is blowing me away with fun ideas. Did you see the felted eyeballs and yoda costume yet? She also has an amazing giveaway for fabric, patterns (including my Treat Bag pattern), a gift card, and more! The giveaway ends later this week so go check it out!

Chelsea at GYCT has a great series going on counting down the 31 Days to Halloween with party ideas, costumes, crafts, and recipes as well as a linky party. She's also giving away a copy of my Halloween Treat Bag pattern so go enter! The giveaway ends on Friday.

The Train to Crazy also has a fantastic Handmade Costume Series that you won't want to miss. You can find all the fun posts here.

Pinterest is also a fantastic place to find inspiration. You can check out my Costume board here.

If you've found other fun round-ups please share them! I need all the ideas I can get!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the shout out Elisa! Love your Trick or Treat bag-- a very well put together pattern.


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