Nov 7, 2013

Built In Bunk Bed Inspiration

It's been a while since I've blogged about any of our ongoing house remodeling projects. If you follow me on Instagram you've seen some pictures here and there. (most recently I've shown the laundry chute in progress - I'm SO excited about that project!)

But today I want to share some inspiration for built in bunk beds. Don't you just love the idea of gorgeous built in beds for kids? I could browse through Pinterest or Google Images for hours looking at all the drool-worthy pictures like these:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Are they practical, though? What about resale? We've had this question in our minds for a while. Not that we're planning on selling our house anytime soon...but we always want to leave that option open. The conclusion we've come to is that our house would most likely appeal to and be purchased by a family with kids. Even older kids can sleep in bunk beds. I mean, I did just fine in a college dorm room for 4 years sleeping on bunk beds, so it shouldn't be a big deal for older kids.

To younger children, bunk beds are magical. And the top bunk is the one fought over most! In my wildest imagination, I want to build a completely custom house and include a playroom with built in bunk beds for ALL the kids, plus a few for friends. Wouldn't that be fun? Sleepover city!

But, back to reality, we have a small space to work with, and low ceilings seriously limit what we can do with the design. Here's a look at the space we have and how it has come together over the past 3 years.

The water damage was at its worst in the boys' bedroom upstairs as well as the upstairs bathroom. Everything in those rooms had to be gutted completely because of the mold, paint that bubbled trying to hold back the water, etc. I still love this picture of Elliott seeing his room for the first time after it was gutted exactly 3 years ago right now.

We felt a huge feeling of accomplishment when the drywall went in and was primed. We felt like we were almost done! (ha, ha, ha...3 years later it's still note "done")

We took the crib down about a week ago, but the arrow in the picture below shows where the bunk beds will go and what the room has looked like for the past two years or so. And by the way, I highly recommend the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set(affiliate link) as a Christmas gift for any little boy. All the sets are awesome!

We want the built in beds to look and feel like the rest of the house and they will be white (I just can't help myself...they have to be white). The boys' room will feel huge when they have all the floor space open for toys and playing while their beds are tucked away in this little cove. Although we would love to go crazy with a fun design like this slide! And this girly bunk bed house would be amazing in the girl's room! (not that we need another project added to our 'to do' list right now)

What do you think of built in beds? Love them? Hate them?


  1. Love them. I have 4 kids and have a similar collection on Pinterest. You can see it here, if you are curious:

  2. Shannon, I love it! I started following your board. Wouldn't it be fun to have beds like these for all 4 kids? :)

  3. My hubby and I were just talking about these the other day!! We want built in bunk beds for our children! We have 6 in the house, 5 of which are girls and think it's a great way to help with space in their rooms as well!!! :)

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