Dec 19, 2013

Introducing the Knight Hoodie Pattern

It's finally here!! The Knight Hoodie PDF sewing pattern is a unique and fun sweatshirt for boys and girls! The pattern covers sizes 2T to 10...and YES I'm now working on tween and adult sizes of the pattern. (be sure to follow the blog and watch for details on the release of the new sizes)

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I was blown away by the hoodies each of my testers made. The sky's the limit with this pattern. You can make a knight in any color, and add special touches to your hoodie like you see below. And the pictures below are only Part 1. Next week I'll be back to share more tester photos from these amazingly talented ladies.

Becky's blue version is just amazing. And isn't that sword perfect for the outfit? Check out Becky's etsy shop or facebook page to see more of her amazing work.

Brittanie added a phenomenal mohawk to the sweatshirt. The pattern doesn't include directions on how to do this, but it shows you what you can do with the pattern and a little extra creativity! See more from Brittanie on her facebook page.

Brooke from Boutique Rose did a great two-color version of a Knight.

Candy made this version. I love how the sweatshirt looks without the buttons too!

Cori actually lives near castle walls and got some really fun pictures of her son playing the part of a Knight. The sweatshirt looks great in fleece too!

Debbie did an ingenious thing with the hood armor. She used snaps instead of buttons so the armor can come in front of the face like a real knight! There's a snap on each side, as well as a snap on top to keep the armor up when you want it that way. Check out her facebook too.

Erica from Lollipops & Paisley made a great blue Knight. (And don't you love that his 'sword' is a candy cane?!) You can see her review of testing the pattern here.

Erin from Crafty Biggers made such a FUN girl's version of a Knight! Her daughter picked out the fun colors and then they painted the accent fabric to match!

I love the zipper on Ginger's version. And adding buttons to the shoulder armor is so fun too.

Hyde just wow-ed me with this applique! Doesn't it look incredible?? The applique isn't included in the pattern, but think of the possibilities you could do on the back! Next week you'll see another version of an applique. But you can see more from Hyde and HB Designs on her facebook page.

Kelly from Kish and Caboodle made a black Knight Hoodie for her son. He even has a play castle!

Ready to get your pattern? Click here to buy it now!


  1. Absolutely finking love this! Yay for awesome creativity, bleh for same old same old. And yes, I cannot wait for the adult pattern to sport my own! Thanks and keep up the good work!

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  3. Wow, these are amazing. Love the one from Boutique rose and hyde best.