Dec 24, 2013

Last Minute Gift Idea for Lego Lovers

We have purposely stayed off of the 'Lego' bandwagon in our family...until now. I didn't want any of those tiny pieces around while we were in the baby-puts-everything-in-sight-in-mouth stage. We're finally out of that stage of bring on the Legos!

And if you have a Lego lover on your Christmas list, it's not too late to get this gift for them. They can enjoy it all through 2014!

Legos are such a fun toy that makes kids use their imagination. It takes patience to put a masterpiece together, and when you follow a kit kids get really good at honing their direction-following skills.

My 7 year old is the perfect age for Lego sets right now. So when I saw a friend talking about a new company that is like Netflix for Lego sets...I was intrigued and we signed up!

Pleygo (affiliate link) is a fun new subscription service that allows you to set up a 'wish list' of Lego sets then they mail them to you, one at a time! The sets are sanitized and you can hold onto them as long as you want. Once you send them back, a new one is sent right away. The first month to try it is free and in our first month we got 3 total sets! And, of course, sometimes pieces are lost but Pleygo doesn't charge you extra even if you lose a few pieces (up to 10).

For us, the best thing has also been that they have the larger blocks for little kids, as well as sets for girls! So fun! Here are a few of the creations my kids have made:

A subscription to Pleygo would be an amazing gift for any kid! The first month is free and then you can choose from three different subscription prices after that. Happy Lego Building!


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