Feb 18, 2014

playing the part of a Knight

The Knight Hoodie tour continues with Christina from 2 Little Hooligans (she has a discount code for you too so go check out her blog). Just look how cute her son is! He's totally into playing the part of a Knight.
You also have to see this version sewn by Friends Stitched Together. She shared this on my facebook page and I love all the details she put into her Knight Hoodie. If you've made one please share it with me too. I love to see how creative you all are!
Today you can also check out what Celina from Petit a Petit and Family has to say about the Knight Hoodie. Tomorrow I'm excited to share something I made using one of Celina's tutorials!

1 comment:

  1. Ohhhh! I am excited for tomorrow too. and I cannot wait to share my version, it's turning out pretty cool!


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