Jan 15, 2015

Tips and Tricks for the Knight Hoodie

Want to personalize your Knight Hoodie by adding an applique to the back, making the hood 'mohawk' in contrasting fabric, lining the hood, or even using a shorter zipper and adding fun details? Now there are tutorials for all of those! Head over to Friends Stitched Together and get all of their best tips and tricks for making the Knight Hoodie! If you don't have the pattern yet, get it now!

Click here for tutorials on making a Contrast Crest and Embellishing the Back.

Click here for tricks on lining up the zipper and enclosing the waist seam. 

And click here for tips on using a zipper that's too short and lining the hood.
Knight Hoodie Pattern by Charming Doodle - Tips and Tricks from FriendsStitchedTogether
Knight Hoodie Pattern by Charming Doodle - Tips and Tricks from FriendsStitchedTogether
Do you have any other tips to share? Or want to show off your hoodie? Share it on facebook or Instagram with #knighthoodie.


  1. Thanks for sharing Elisa! You know how much I love this pattern :)

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