Room by Room

Even though none of the rooms are completely's a good look at the before, during, and current look of each room in our home. (For the story of what happened and why we needed to gut the house and renovate it, read this.) Without further ado...hello and welcome to our home.

Exterior: see more here

During - this was the day I went into labor with baby #4!
Currently - still work left to go but what an amazing difference!

 Back Exterior:

Currently - someday we'll build a great big deck out here! :)


(more on this room here)





Before - the kitchen was almost new when we moved in, but it was very small.
During - gutted and made much bigger...with higher ceilings too.
Still in progress - we now have a bar top on the peninsula, but LOTS of work still left to do in this room.

 Lower Bathroom:

Before - it was such a tiny bathroom and we don't have many pictures of it.
During - we took a closet from an adjacent bedroom and turned it into a bigger bathroom with a shower.
After - now our master bathroom and I LOVE it!

Master Bedroom:

Before - this was pretty much just an extra bedroom or an office.


Currently - far from done, but at least we have a little art on the walls.
And here's the bed I made for our new room with my dad. Perfect storage for a small bedroom.

Living Room:

Before - a big awkward room
During - new staircase cut into the floor
Currently - still lots to do but much better

Dining Room:



Second Floor Bath: 

(room details here)
Before - isn't this the prettiest bathroom you've ever seen?
During - mold was everywhere behind those walls
During - we made the bathroom bigger by taking a section out of the boys' room
After-ish (still a few things to finish up)

Girls' Room:

 (for some reason I have no 'before' pictures of this room)
During - it's so strange to see your house ceiling-less

 Boys' Room:

Before - a month after we moved in and days before baby #1 was born
During - here's 'baby #1' checking out what's left of his room

Recently - my husband even made the crib!


Before - the mouse infested cabinets - pretty huh?
Before - concrete block, dark, and yucky
During - adding stairs and style
After - hubs built the cabinetry

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