Nov 21, 2014

Sewing with Liquid Gold

Have you seen the Rowan Tee? It's a fantastic pattern by Titchy Threads and I had big plans for sewing a special tee for Henry's 4th birthday. (My baby is FOUR today!!) But then...I went to the fabric store and couldn't find any fun printed knit for his shirt. What I found instead was liquid gold (the fabric kind, not the Velveeta kind) and I got inspired to do a completely different version of the Rowan Tee for my baby girl. (At what point do you have to stop calling them 'babies'? High school? LOL)

The gold I found is a buttery stretch velvet from JoAnn Fabrics. It's super stretchy and I immediately envisioned it for the stripe on the tee and as leggings. The problem? This is a super expensive fabric. ($28 a yard - yikes) Thankfully I had a coupon and she's still small enough that I can make a pair with only a yard of fabric.
The shirt itself is made from a slightly stretchy fur-like snake skin print with gold stamped into it. It's such a cool fabric. Totally impractical for kids' clothes, of course, but for a holiday outfit I thought I'd chance it.

Oct 28, 2014

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Costumes

With less than an hour to spare I got my kids' costumes done and they loved trick or treating in them at our local zoo! Thankfully it's not even Halloween yet so they'll get to wear these costumes again...which makes me happy since they were a LOT of work to make! (Why, oh why, can't I just buy my kids' costumes and save all the craziness of making them?)

Early this year my kids watched the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie for the first time and it's probably the first non-animated full length movie they ALL loved. I also let them watch the Johnny Depp version, which they thought was ok, but the first version captured their imaginations more and I was not-so-secretly planning out how all 4 kids could dress as the characters for Halloween this year. They really didn't get a choice. (Sorry, not sorry.)
I love my little Willy Wonka, Wonka Bar, Oompa Loompa, and Violet Beauregarde! Want the details on how I made each costume? Here you go...

Oct 10, 2014

Ready for Halloween?

Do you have your costumes planned out and ready for Halloween? I have had an idea for my kids' costumes for months and I'm not done making them yet. Hopefully this weekend I'll get time to finish them up. All 4 kids will be dressed up as characters from one children's story. It's also a movie. Can you guess what they'll be from these clues?

Clue #1 It's a classic book that has been done as a movie...twice.
Clue #2 One of my children will be an iconic character with green hair...and another will be completely purple.

Leave a guess in the comments and the first one to get it correct will win a copy of my Halloween Treat Bag pattern.

No costume is complete without the perfect treat bag. It's not too late to make one in time for Halloween and this weekend you can get the pattern 40% off!! Use the coupon code BOO to get the pattern for only $3 through Sunday, October 12th. 

And while you're in my shop be sure to get the new Knight Hoodie pattern in tween and adult sizes. My husband will be wearing his Knight Hoodie for Halloween!

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