Nov 30, 2011

The Best Bed EVER

Did you know I love Pottery Barn?? It's quite an understatement, actually. But so much of what they have just seems to perfectly fit what I need.

Like this bed for instance...
When the hubs and I decided to give the girls our bedroom upstairs...we moved into a much smaller cracker box bedroom. We went from having our bed, night stands, dressers, and even a pool table (yes, we had a pool table in our room for a year or two) having just enough room for our bed and night stands. We also went from each having our own walk-in closet, to sharing a teeny tiny one. Oh the sacrifices of being a parent! :)
Since our new master is so 'cozy' a bed like the one above is exactly what we needed. And what's not to love about the pretty white bed from Pottery Barn with lots of room in those spacious storage drawers? Ummmm...the price! There aren't any circumstances where I can see myself shelling out over $1,700 for a bed frame.

BUT...what if there was a way to make something similar? Welcome to my life Ana White! A friend of mine (thanks Jen!) told me a long time ago about a website that gave 'knock off' furniture plans for some popular stores. (like Pottery Barn) And wouldn't you know it...she had plans for the bed with drawers.

We planned to make the bed after getting everything else in the house settled. But I decided to ask my Dad to help me make it while we were living with my parents. Even though "drawers are the hardest thing to make" he agreed and we began working on it over July 4th weekend as a SURPRISE to my husband!

It just so happened to be one of the hottest weekends of the year! The kids enjoyed the a/c inside while watching us work. We cut big sheets of plywood down into pieces (thanks to my parent's neighbor for letting us borrow his saw)...
And fit them together to begin making each 'bench.' The bed is essentially made up of 3 benches, each containing 2 drawers.
The iPad is the one of my favorite things and got a new let me see the plans while we were working.
One of the benches coming together...
And here's the rough trim on all 3.
A cabinet-maker friend made the actual drawer boxes for us and also the drawer fronts. Although...we basically had to remake the fronts because as you'll see in the picture below...all those little routered grooves were his artistic vision and not mine. The kids had fun playing in the drawer boxes though!
Here is one bench assembled after it was painted and the hardware was put on. We modified the plans so that the drawer fronts are recessed back a little from the bench frame. It think it gave them just the right look.
And this is how the three benches fit together in the room.
We put it together and surprised the hubs. He had no idea we had been working on this top-secret project over the past few months. We love the bed and the space it gives us...and he's very relieved that he doesn't have another project hanging over his head. Make bed with drawers...check!

The mattress for the bed has a crazy story all its own...but I'll save it for another post. I really debated about posting a picture of the bed as it is today...since the room is not at all finished (nothing on the walls...missing headboard yet...etc.) but here's a peek at what the room and bed look like right now.
I'd say it's about as close as you could get to the Pottery Barn version...but better because the total cost was only about $350. (and I.don' Thanks Dad!!
And since I didn't have to spend as much on a bed...I bought the curtains and mercury glass pendants you see above. And guess where I got them... ;)


  1. Beautiful Bed - Great Job!

    Don't you just love when a project turns out as good, or better, than you expected? Can't wait to see the headboard!

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  2. What a great story! Thanks for sharing it! I hope we can get down to see you sometime in your new home. Let us know when you're ready for a little company! ;-D

  3. You did a beautiful job. May I ask where did you get the plans from? I would like to do that same project.

  4. Thank you! And here is a link to the plan from Ana White.

  5. you did a great job. We are going to tackle this project this summer. I need a place to store bed linens and spreads. :) Thanks for sharing about your project on Ana's site. :)

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