Dec 5, 2013

DIY Sparkle Cuffs

This post originally appeared on The Sewing Rabbit and today I'm bring it home. Wouldn't some sparkly cuffs be fun for Christmas?

Tis the season for all things shiny and glittery. So why not bring some glitz into your kids' clothes? With this easy DIY you can use any shirt or cardigan pattern you already have and add a touch of sparkle and shine to it with sequined cuffs.

Materials Needed:
moderate stretch fabric
stretch sequin fabric (only a few scraps needed)
shirt or cardigan pattern

First you'll need to make the shirt or cardigan according to the pattern directions. The only change you'll make is to the sleeve. Be sure to cut the proper size sleeve you need at the shoulder seam, but then flare out the rest of the pattern piece a bit to add a size or two by the time you reach the bottom of the sleeve.

I cut a size 6 shirt for my daughter, but the sleeve is actually a size 8 to make it nice and full so the cuffs really stand out later. I also made sure the sleeves were long to begin with by going all the way down to her wrist so the cuff will cinch up the sleeve a bit later.

Next you need to cut your cuff pieces using the dimensions below. (this cutting guide will work for children's sizes 5-8, if you are making a smaller or larger garment just adjust the height and width to what works for your child)

On your main fabric, fold up one long edge to the wrong side one inch. Sew close to the edge to make a hem. (having this hem at the bottom of the sleeve will keep the sequins from touching your child's skin and will be much more comfortable for them)

Now place one long edge of the sequin fabric right sides together with the main fabric along the hem you just sewed. Sew close to the edge of the sequin material. (you'll be sewing along the hem seam)

Fold the sequin fabric up and finger press it at the lower seam. Clip any sequins that are poking out.

Fold the cuff in half width-wise right sides together and sew with a 1/2" seam.

Try the cuff on your child and tighten if needed.

Sew a basting stitch at the end of the shirt sleeve. Gently pull the bobbin thread and gather the sleeve to fit the cuff.

With the sleeve inside out, place the cuff inside it matching the raw edges. (be sure to line up your seams) Sew the cuff to the sleeve with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Trim sequins in the seam allowance and finish your seams. That's it! Enjoy your sparkly new cuffs!

And if you have leftover sequin fabric it would be perfect for embellishing The Ultimate Apron using the pattern by CharmingDoodle. Use the coupon code SPARKLE to save 20% on this adorable pattern.

Happy sewing!


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