Dec 12, 2013

Round-Up of YOUR Fabric Deer!

I have just been blown away by all the beautiful fabric deer I've seen so far! You guys are amazing and so talented!

If you haven't made a deer (or Rudolph) yet, get the free pattern here. I also posted a tutorial here on how to make the deer smaller for decorating a Christmas tree or using somewhere you'd like a mini version. And for inspiration and fabric ideas, visit my facebook page and browse the deer people have posted. Some of them have even let me share their amazing deer with you here!

First 'John Deere' by Thread Riding Hood. I love the name and the fabric choices are so beautiful! That gold, and the fabric ears are so great! Plus it looks so festive with that wreath. Sherri did such an amazing job!

Arah made this fantastic deer! I am just in love with the bright colors and that frame!! I also love how she mounted the deer head on a piece of wood. Great idea!

Caroline's red and gray deer is so fun! I am completely in love with that heart shaped nose!

This floral patchwork deer by Inez is so pretty! My girls would love to have this one with all the pink!

Janine made a two-toned deer head and I love the contrast it gives. Those gingham antlers are so great too!

Sarah's deer head features this cool striped fabric. I love the effect it gives!

Shelly made a classic deer head that looks amazing! It almost looks real!

Jen made this great version with a huge red pom for a nose. I love the red accents and buttons for the eyes.

And here's one more that Wendy just shared with me. The red fabric is so festive with her other decorations!

Have you made a deer yet? I'd love to see it! You can share it on Instagram (tag @charmingdoodle) or on facebook. Happy sewing!


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words Elisa! I love the pattern, and my husband has bought a plaque to mount it to after Christmas is over, so, with an neutral coloured nose he will be an "all year" deer. Thanks again!


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