Feb 28, 2014

a knight hoodie for mom??

Do you recognize the eyes peeking out from this fantastic Knight Hoodie?
It's the amazing Hayley from Welcome to the Mouse House! She made this hoodie for her son...but kids can't have all the fun so she's wearing it too! Go get more details about why on her blog. Hayley also has a coupon code for you and it's the LAST DAY to get a $2 discount on the Knight Hoodie kids' pattern. I'm working like crazy to get the tween/adult sized hoodie pattern done and it's almost done. Yippeee! Be on the lookout for a testing call soon so you can follow Hayley's example and make a Knight Hoodie that you can wear. :)


  1. love this!! so much fun! I just got your pattern thanks to the pattern member club over at "the sewing rabbit". I just wondered how thick the fleece has to be. I found 2 on the internet; the first one is 370g/meter and the other is 240 g /Meter. Any idea??

    1. Good question Sophie! You could use either. The sweatshirt isn't tight fitting so you could use whatever you'd like based on how warm and thick you want it to be. Hope that helps and please let me know if you have any questions as you sew it up!

    2. thanks Elisa! I will try with the thinnest for a start as I have never sewn with knits!!:) a well I do like a challenge!

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