Apr 7, 2014

behind the scenes of my photoshoots

For the first edition of the amazing STYLO Magazine I wrote a tutorial on adding a 'pocket square' to any basic t-shirt. It's such an easy thing to do and you can get the whole tutorial (it's free) in STYLO.

I took some pictures of my little man in his new shirt for the e-mag and thought it would be fun to give you a little peek behind the scenes of where I shoot photos like these.

When I'm not designing and sewing things, I'm working for incredible companies as a consultant. One of my clients had a whole floor of office space dedicated to a radio and video studio. They graciously allowed me to use their space from time to time to get pictures of my kids on their huge white studio background.

I've used it for photographing some of my projects like the Belle Dress, Cotton Candy inspired outfit, and reversible vest:

Now here's a peek at what I see in the room where these pictures are taken:
It's a half-basement type room with some windows along the right side. Usually I need to get more light (and I don't use studio lighting) so I spin the white paper toward the window a bit and take pictures with the kids standing directly in front of it.

The business that used this space recently moved locations and I bought the big paper roll and backdrop stand from them so I can set it up at home! Now I just need to find some time to make things I can actually take pictures of!

And what kind of behind-the-scenes look would be complete without a blooper picture? To get a good shot of kids I often take 100 pictures. Most of the time I see expressions like this:

I'd love to hear if there's any other areas you'd like to see from behind the scenes. I'll be posting some house renovation updates soon too. Follow on bloglovin to get all the updates.


  1. I love the pictures of your son, especially the ones with the hat...such a cutie. I would love to know what pattern his shirt is, I absolutely love it, it's so amazing!! Thank you, Renee A


  2. Thanks Renee! The shirt itself is from Target. It's part of the Shaun White collection. In Stylo (link in the post above), I shared a tutorial for how to take a basic shirt like this and add the pocket. You can do it to any shirt! :)

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